ZEUS POWER TECHNOLOGY converters are manufactured by a dynamic and consolidaded company skilled in the design and production of electronic equipment in Italy. We offer over 20 years of experience in the marine power industry. 




Our converters are built to deliver dependable marine power wherever you happen to be in the world. Chosen by many of the world’s leading shipyards and luxury yachts, our systems guarantee comfort, convenience and safety. No more flickering lights, loss of picture on your television or your computers misbehaving.

Built for tomorrow’s yachts, our systems significantly reduce harmful emissions and ensure the ultimate in quiet power provision when in harbor. Every Zeus system is engineered precisely for an individual yacht and it’s power requirements. While we are confident our systems will never let you down, all our products are backed by an exemplary support package which offers you total peace of mind which lasts well beyond purchase and installation.

Over the years the company has always set itself the goal of being a trusted partner of its customers, of supplying innovative materials and being able to solve the most varied problems of the operators in the sector. A continuous technological update of products, always at the cutting edge of technology and safety. To realize its mission Zeus Power Technology srl proposes itself as a flexible and constantly growing company.

• The market in which the company operates asks for quick answers to changes in the external environment. Technological progress is growing at a faster pace, competition is moving ever more rapidly, consumers are evolving their behaviors and demands, and have greater knowledge of the products they buy than in the past.

• Zeus Power Technology srl is constantly engaged in a technical growth with continuous updates in various fields together with a commercial growth achieved through partnerships with major companies in the various business sectors.



Zeus Power Technology designs and manufactures its Shore Power Converters in Italy, to have a direct control on quality and reliability supervising closely following the whole cycle of design, production, sales and after-sales services. This strategy allows us to maintain a continuous improvement process.




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