Officina Meccanica CICIONI S.a.s.” has been successful in the mechanical sector since 1913 and has established itself in general industrial hydraulic equipment and, in particular, in the production of all types and sizes of plant parts and cylinders.



Officina Meccanica Cicioni has a distinguished history. In fact, it has been operating successfully in the mechanical sector since 1913. Thanks to the passion, dynamism and professionalism of the owner and staff, Officina Cicioni has taken a progressive path towards product improvement and service innovation. It has established itself in the field of industrial hydraulic equipment in general and in the production of hydraulic power unit  and cylinders of all varieties and sizes, including special hydraulic cylinders and iso cylinders.

Officina Meccanica Cicioni has been serving the marine industry for decades, producing, upon customer request, a wide range of cylinders and gas springs in stainless steel including unique pieces, with the possibility of braking and position sensors. For greater quality control, greater flexibility and the ability to supply small quantities, all cnc turning and milling, welding and lapping are performed in-house by specialized technicians and subjected to strict controls. The accurate design, the careful choice of materials and the use of sophisticated numerical control machines ensure the quality and precision of the products.

Officina Meccanica Cicioni manufactures hydraulic components and equipment, taking responsibility for:  the preliminary study, the integrated design of hydraulic systems with supply of the relative hydraulic power unit, installation, pre-acceptance testing, technical documentation, after-sales service. Every day the domestic and international market poses new challenges in terms of quality. For this reason, in recent years Officina Cicioni has focused precisely on quality. Today, certification under the uni en iso 9001:2008 standard is the confirmation of this continuous commitment and inspires us to always guarantee a high level of product quality.



Our many years of experience permits us to produce products for various mechanical sectors, thus allowing us to be versatile and meet any customer’s request.

Officina Meccanica  Cicioni Giampaolo s.a.s.

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