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The world’s largest marine equipment trade show

The METSTRADE show, 15-16-17 November 2016 in RAI Amsterdam, is the only international B2B exhibition for the marine leisure industry. It’s the perfect place to forge profitable relationships and it showcases new product launches by 1,385+ exhibitors from over 40 countries. The METSTRADE show combines new products, seminars and unrivalled networking opportunities for visitors to connect across countries, technologies and industry sectors.

METS trade 2012

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METS trade 2012

The member companies of Umbria Nautical Cluster in 2012 also participated jointly with the Dutch Fair METS – Marine Equipment Trade Show-the largest in Europe (and among the largest in the world) for marine equipment, materials, systems and services, which took place in Amsterdam 13 to 15 November 2012.

Even in Amsterdam, the contacts were many and fruitful both at institutional level and at the level of business with potential customers. Including some of the major players in the European market and several major players from other continents.

In particular, during the 2012 METS companies in the cluster have also been in contact with entrepreneurs who were developing innovative projects.

As a result there was the participation in such projects not only as a supplier but also as co-maker for the development of new products. Moreover, the companies in the cluster concerned have been able to involve other.

MYS 2012

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MYS 2012

The companies belonging to Umbria Nautical Cluster, compared to the first positive experience in 2011, participated in the twenty-second edition of the MYS – Monaco Yacht Show held in Monte Carlo 19 to 22 September 2012.

It has thus achieved the goal of continuity in the presence of one Umbrian stand to the more prestige fair in the world for the shipbuilding sector of shipbuilding luxury.

Even the mission at MYS 2012 was very positive for Umbria Nautical Cluster and the results achieved have exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. They were in fact taken up and developed contacts in the previous edition and have been connected many new ones.

Thus was completed the accreditation strong Umbria Nautical Cluster and obtained its recognition by insiders, particularly those responsible for major shipyards. Were also established working relationships with other companies in the supply chain that prelude to future collaborations.

MYS 2011

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MYS 2011

Umbria Nautical Cluster, with the support of Umbria Region and Umbria Trade Agency, held its first joint mission by participating in the MYS – Monaco Yacht Show edition that took place from 21 to 24 September 2011 in Monte Carlo, showcasing the best luxury yachting with more than five hundred exhibitors selected from all countries.

This prestigious industry event, in fact, is the main moment of global presence of all the most important shipyards operating in the segment of mega yachts.

This organizational efforts was also essential to develop the aims of the Cluster in terms of identifying and developing new business opportunities strategic, medium and long term, and for the definition and sharing of promotional tools on the international markets.

The success of the mission was notable also because the event being celebrated in the day of 22 September 2011 on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Umbrian Regional Council Mrs. Catiuscia Marini and Italian Ambassador to the Principality of Monaco, Mr. Antonio Morabito.

The mission was a novelty in an absolute sense as it was the first institutional presence of Italian Region carried out as part of the fair in Monte Carlo.

The President of Umbria Region, visiting the booth of Umbria Nautical Cluster, said: “At first sight no one is thought to be the shipbuilding industry in Umbria. Instead there are companies of the highest quality allied in the Umbria Nautical Cluster, operating in this particular area and for the first time, together, they brought in the most prestigious boat show the world their experience, their productions and also the name of our region with its image of quality territory».